8 Must-Read Books About Advertising

Advertising is an important part of business and it is important to have the knowledge to create a successful advertising strategy. For those who want to gain a comprehensive knowledge of advertising, there are some essential books to read. Here are 8 books on advertising from foreign sources that should be read:

1. "The Ogilvy Advertising Handbook" - David Ogilvy
David Ogilvy is one of the biggest names in the world of advertising and in this book he discusses the basic principles and strategies of advertising. Drawing on Ogilvy's experience and advice, you'll gain important tips for creating effective advertising campaigns.

2. "Advertising: Theory, Principle and Practice" - Wells, Moriarty, Burnett
This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic concepts, principles and practices of advertising. It includes detailed information on the history of advertising, strategic planning and the communication process.

3. "Hey, Whipple! 22 Ways to Get Rid of Boring Ads - Luke Sullivan
This book is a fun and inspiring guide that emphasizes the importance of creative advertising and discusses ways to avoid boring ads. With Luke Sullivan's humorous style, you can get important tips on how to encourage creativity in the advertising world.

4. "Advertising and Consumers" - Sandra Moriarty, Nancy Mitchell, William Wells
This book provides the essential information needed to understand the impact of advertising on consumers and consumer behavior. It is an important resource for understanding how advertising strategies influence consumers' minds and shape their purchasing decisions.

5. "Digital Marketing Strategies" - Simon Kingsnorth
At a time when digital advertising is becoming increasingly important, this book explains how to create and implement digital marketing strategies. It covers topics such as website optimization, content marketing, social media strategies in detail.

6. "Creativity, Subtlety and the Art of Persuasion" - Robert B. Cialdini
Emphasizing the importance of effective communication and persuasive messages in advertising, this book covers the psychological principles necessary to understand and influence human behavior. By utilizing Robert Cialdini's research, you can develop effective strategies that you can use in advertising.

7. "Automated Marketing: We Don't Just Talk to Consumers, We Interact with Them" - Barry Libert, Rick Faulk
Automated marketing is an increasingly important topic in the world of advertising and this book covers the basics of automated marketing and implementation strategies in detail. It covers topics such as customer relationship management, personalization and segmentation.

8. "The Great History of Advertising" by James B. Twitchell
Offering a comprehensive survey of the history and evolution of advertising, this book explores its cultural and social impact. James Twitchell provides an important resource for understanding the role and importance of advertising in the modern world.

These books are essential resources for understanding the key concepts of advertising, developing strategies and creating effective advertising campaigns. Each offers a different perspective and is a valuable reference point for those who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of advertising.

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