8 inspiring graphic design trends

Much like the impact of photography on the art world in the 19th century, we find ourselves in the midst of a profound shift in the world of graphic design trends. Artificial Intelligence is at the center of this creative shift, changing both the way we create and our visual styles.

To help us predict the next big things in design, we spoke to the global creative community that works with thousands of small businesses each year through VistaPrint's design services, including 99designs by Vista. And this year's graphic design trends reveal that an artistic revolution is happening, from 3D hyper-surrealism and digital disruption to bento box grids and garden cutouts.

Let's take a look at how businesses are using these design trends and discover how you can leverage them for your own brand in 2024.


1. Future fusion

Against the backdrop of rapid technological progress that both excites and unsettles many, it is crucial that brands strike a balance between futuristic, cutting-edge designs and a relatable, down-to-earth feel reminiscent of cyberpunk aesthetics, but with a twist.

This 2024 design trend, Future Fusion, is all about juxtaposition. The color palette shifts dramatically with dark browns, blues and blacks as the base, punctuated with vibrant neon purples and pinks to bring your brand to life in the digital space.

Textures embrace a bold, dark aesthetic with elements of glitch, sharp edges and digital fonts offset by vibrant colors. This approach aligns the cutting edge with the human, making your brand more relatable and approachable in an ever-evolving tech landscape.


2. 3 dimensional hyper realism

In the realm of design trends for 2024, we find 3D hyper-surrealism, an intriguing style that seamlessly blends hyper-realistic and surreal 3D designs. It features abstract and organic shapes, vibrant colors and experimental fonts.

As we grapple with the challenges in the world, 3D hyper-realism gravitates towards a bold form of self-expression and serves as a form of believable escapism and excitement about what is possible.

Whether through fun and vibrant mascots and characters or engaging infographics, brands can use it to create designs that excite and provide a welcome distraction from the challenges of the world. It offers a breath of fresh air as a way to cultivate positivity and find solace in creativity.


3. Bento box grills

The Bento box grid trend in graphic design revolves around the artistic arrangement of boxes of different sizes to house pieces of information or graphics. When these pieces come together, they form a cohesive and larger box, reminiscent of the compartments of traditional Japanese bento boxes.

This design approach finds application in a variety of formats, from flyer and brochure layouts to digital, web and mobile design. The primary emphasis is on creating information and visual hierarchy, as well as structuring and organizing content to guide users or highlight specific elements. This style offers a dynamic way to showcase a large number of elements in a small space.

It is an experimental and immersive method akin to storytelling, where information is presented in chunks, similar to the experience of reading a comic book.


4. Cluttercore

Like maximalism, cluttercore shares the same principle of self-expression, but takes it to a whole new level - a bolder, louder and more colorful way of asserting one's individuality. It focuses on attracting attention, embracing excess and extravagance.

This design trend of 2024 celebrates bold strokes, vibrant colors and the deliberate superimposition of graphics as a form of self-expression that aims to promote positivity.

Essentially, cluttercore is a liberating celebration of clutter, highlighting artifacts and cues that resonate with identity or passion. It can be seen as a reflection of the wider disorder in the world, offering a unique form of self-expression in response to external chaos and is something we can all relate to and connect with.


5. Inflatable 3D

Continuing to explore 2024 design trends embracing 3D-heavy visuals and the international quest to use color to enhance mood (as evidenced by the rise of 'dopamine dressing'), we enter the whimsical world of inflatable 3D.

This graphic design trend is a playful nod to the 2000s era of bubblegum pinks, blues and iridescent color schemes. It harnesses nostalgia to help brands create feel-good designs that connect with their target audience in an intimate way.

In the inflatable 3D space, bubbly fonts and shapes take center stage, creating a fun and vibrant design aesthetic that will leave an unforgettable impression.


6. Digital destruction

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly proficient at producing flawless digital art, digital destruction is emerging as a fascinating rebellion. It takes inspiration from the fragmented and chaotic world of computers and transforms these imperfections into intriguing and visually stunning compositions. Pixelation, fragmented typography and distortion are a bold counter to clean and tech-centric design trends.

At its core, digital destruction is a bold declaration that perfection is not the only path in art and design. Instead, it embraces the concept of "fractured subversive art", a deliberate deviation from the pursuit of perfection. This trend embraces pixelation, glitch effects, distorted lines, high-contrast color palettes and vibrant neon hues, reveling in the visual chaos of digital anomalies.


7. Free hand animation

Inspired by the profound Japanese aesthetic philosophy known as wabi-sabi (a worldview focused on accepting impermanence and imperfection), the freehand graphic design trend finds beauty in the imperfect, the ephemeral and the unfinished. It invites us to explore the world of hand-drawn lines, characterized by their pleasant imperfections and soft wobbles reminiscent of delicate sketches.

The color palettes chosen for the freehand revival trend are carefully selected to create a sense of harmony. They often contain similar shades or complementary tones, creating a soothing and visually pleasing effect. Whether the colors blend seamlessly or contrast, they share a common characteristic: They are pleasing to the eye and invite viewers into a world of calm design.


10. Graph graffiti

Graphic graffiti is about creating a modern aesthetic inspired by the vibrant world of graffiti and the neon-soaked energy of the 80s.

This design trend is about more than just buying a stock graffiti font and sticking with it. It seamlessly blends industrial elements, evokes the raw allure of 'urban decay', features spray-painted text and symbols, revels in decay and grunge, and embraces the collage/sticker book aesthetic. The result is a visual explosion that boldly celebrates individualism and self-expression, much like the dynamic world of graffiti tags.

These designs are a resounding testament to the human touch and boundless creativity, in stark contrast to the relentless advancement of AI technology and design software.

When implementing the graphic graffiti trend, brands need to align design elements with their identity and target audience. When implemented effectively, this trend can leave a lasting impression, creating a sense of creativity, individuality and urban energy.

ImageNur Oğuz